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McTimoney Community Clinics

The McTimoney Trust, the McTimoney College of Chiropractic, the McTimoney Chiropractic Association, the McTimoney Animal Association and the Association for the McTimoney Practitioners share a common objective to expand access to the McTimoney Method.

The McTimoney Trust has reached an exciting new chapter in helping to prove, preserve and promote the McTimoney vision of a gentle and whole-body chiropractic method, and to increase people’s access to chiropractic.

We have a Grants scheme to help groups of McTimoney Chiropractors set up Community Clinics. The aim is to help vulnerable people, who cannot afford private practice fees, to access McTimoney Chiropractic. Find out more detail here.

Although the 2019 deadline for applications for McTimoney Community Clinic Grants has passed, we are happy to invite expressions of interest or enquiries at any time.  Just email

What is a McTimoney Community Clinic?

It is a clinic for those who are unable to afford private McTimoney chiropractic. The groups of people we want to help would be people on low incomes and could include families on benefits, homeless people, or women escaping violence, for example.

We aim to partner with local charities who will help identify people on low incomes who could benefit from chiropractic.

We also want to encourage Community Clinics which meet the needs of animals owned by people on low incomes.

Ideally, the clinics would also provide an opportunity for newly-graduated McTimoney students.

The key features of a Community Clinic are:

There are lots of ways you can help support local Community Clinics even if you are not a McTimoney Chiropractor.

  • Helping to fund a Community Clinic by donating here or in other ways.
  • Helping in an administration or support role;
  • Bringing knowledge and experience on how local community groups can work effectively;
  • Getting involved in fundraising for a local community clinic. This could range from helping with collections tins, running raffles or in other ways;
  • Agreeing to receive occasional updates about the development of community clinics, and spreading the word;
  • If you are part of a charity working with people on a low income which may be interested in being a partner organisation.

Email and let us know how you could help.

The Trust also helps fund Student Training Clinics in Abingdon, Oxfordshire and in Manchester. You can find more about those here.