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Grants for McTimoney Community Clinics

The McTimoney Trust is offering seven Grants in 2019 of between £1,000 and £5,000 which will be available to groups of McTimoney chiropractors who wish to set up a local McTimoney Community Clinic in their local area. The Community Clinics will aim to offer McTimoney chiropractic to people on a low income. More information about McTimoney Community Clinics can be found here.

You can support McTimoney Community Clinics by making a donation.

Although the 2019 deadline for applications for McTimoney Community Clinics Grants has passed we are always pleased to receive expressions of interest or enquiries. Just email


If the information we send doesn’t answer all your questions then email them to

Applications for Grants are more likely to be successful if they meet all the McTimoney Clinic Criteria (below) and are the most cost-effective way of providing access to chiropractic by people on a low income.

McTimoney Community Clinic Grant criteria:

  • Held in a community (i.e. public or voluntary sector) setting.
  • Delivered in partnership with a public or voluntary sector organisation who can confirm that individuals are on a low income. As a guide, low income can be defined as less than £18,000 before tax for a single person household maintaining their own home.
  • Providing McTimoney Chiropractic to adults on low income only or providing McTimoney-method practice to animals of adults on a low income.
  • Focusing on chronic neck or back pain.
  • Charging no fees or very low fees.
  • Local to the McTimoney Chiropractors involved.
  • Fully insured and in a safe environment.
  • Where external evaluation of the impact of McTimoney Chiropractic is welcomed.
  • If aimed at animals then they should not be income-generating animals – e.g. racehorses
  • Involve McTimoney-trained Chiropractors (human clinics) only or McTimoney-trained and practising Animal Practitioners (animal clinics).
  • Ideally give opportunities to newly-graduated McTimoney Chiropractors.

More information about criteria can be found in our Grant Application Pack

Enquiries can made to

More information about McTimoney Community Clinics can be found here.