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Roles and Aims

The McTimoney approach is a unique, gentle and whole body chiropractic protocol, suitable for babies, children, adults and animals; utilising the toggle torque recoil technique and includes peripheral joint analysis, mobilisation and adjustments.  The McTimoney way utilises broad diagnostic skills, recommends therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises and can provide dietary, nutritional and lifestyle advice.

Vision Statement

The principal activity of the Company, as stated in its Memorandum and Articles, is the advancement of education and training in the technique of McTimoney Chiropractic and support of clinics providing subsidised cost treatment for public benefit.

Aims and objectives

  • The advancement of education in the science/technique of the McTimoney Method of Chiropractic for humans and musculo-skeletal manipulation for animals through the provision of training and education for those seeking associated careers in health care.
  • The intention to provide health checks and subsidised clinics for public benefit with a view to the promotion, preservation and protection of good health.
  • To be a source of information for those interested in training to become a McTimoney Chiropractor.
  • To be an information resource for people wishing to know more about McTimoney Chiropractic treatment for humans and animals.
  • To provide support to students already training in the form of bursaries.

Role of the Trust

  • To further public access to McTimoney Method of Chiropractic
  • To support research into the McTimoney Method of Chiropractic
  • To advance the public profile of McTimoney Method of Chiropractic
  • To provide information on all aspects of the McTimoney Method of Chiropractic
  • To support students with the aid of bursaries
  • To fundraise for future projects


Report of the Chair, April 2016 - June 2017

The main aims for the period April 2016 – June 2017 were; Complete a new website and engage with social media, recruit two new Trustees, to further develop administrative and management support, to engage with McTimoney Connect, encourage graduates to join this new Alumni group for graduates of the McTimoney College. To develop a fundraising strategy, reduce overheads for storage and meeting costs. These have been achieved.

Other achievements have been.                                                                                                                                                                                           

·       The Trust renewed the subscription to the Alternative Learning Guide, a website which gives students information about other sources of funding for postgraduate.

·       The Trust renewed and revised the financial support contract with Oxford Citizens Advice Bureau to provide students access to independent free advice on finance and other issues.

·       Applications for the fifth tranche of awards were invited in September 2016 with awards being made in November 2016. £ 17000 was awarded to students of the McTimoney College of Chiropractic.

·       Undertook a survey of students of McTimoney College to help the Trust better understand the financial challenges faced by students.

·       Acquired ownership of McTimoney Connect from the McTimoney Chiropractic Association.

·       The Trustees attended the McTimoney Chiropractic Association conference in October 2016 and hosted a McTimoney Connect social event for graduates and students of McTimoney College. Throughout the conference weekend the Trustees operated a stand promoting the work of the Trust and McTimoney Connect.

·       Launched the new promotional materials for McTimoney Connect and the McTimoney Trust.

·       Launched a new website in April 2016.

·       Launched social media pages for the Trust and McTimoney Connect.

·       Commissioned the restoration of an original painting by John McTimoney.

·       Appointed Merida Associates to support the Trust with a project. Merida’s consultants provide specialist support in community engagement, research, organisational change and development.

·       Maintained Policies and Procedures in accordance with Charity governance

·       Trustees attended an Advisory Board Panel meeting with BPP University in October 2016.

·       Board members undertook training in:  Integrative Health Research, Current Trends in Chiropractic Research, Fundraising and Marketing via social media. Legacy fundraising.


On a less positive note, MCC student numbers remain lower than anticipated on all McTimoney Chiropractic and Animal manipulation courses at Abingdon and Manchester.

In April 2016 the Trust welcomed two new member Board members, Kevin Grant and Madeleine Brzeski. September through to November 2016 was a busy time for the Trust dealing with the Student Awards. Another successful year with thanks and appreciation to Della Gorham for her excellent administration of the scheme. In October a successful McTimoney Connect event was held for the graduates and students of the college. March brought the resignation of Madeleine Brzeski preceded by Adrian Willards completion of his term as a Trustee. In March the Trust was pleased to confirm Kay Carroll’s continuance as the Trust’s Honorary President and appoint Duncan Edwards to the Board.

I wish to personally and on behalf of the Trust, thank Imelda Twine for her continued support of the the Trust as a co-opted member of the Board, for acting as Honorary Treasurer for several years and her expertise in managing the finances of the Trust. My appreciation goes to Duncan for not only sharing his knowledge and skills but for bringing a sense of fun and humour to the meetings. A huge thank you must go to Christina Jobe for all her hard work juggling the administration and for the enormous support she has given me throughout a very difficult time for me personally. Finally, thank you to Kevin Grant who has been a tower of strength to me throughout this period.     

Barbara Husband - Chair