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Harmony in Health workshop in London

Thursday, 5 March 2020, All day
The College of Medicine is pleased to announce a ‘Harmony in Health’ event run by Dr Eleni Tsiompanou.

All Nature is one! Everything is connected and interdependent, as ecologists have shown us. Nothing exists in isolation.
What does interconnectedness and interdependence mean for us?
How are we influenced by what happens every day around us?
How can we communicate with others in a harmonious way, influence them positively and manage their effect on us?
We need to look inside and get to know ourselves, not just as body but also as mind, emotions and spirit. How can these parts be connected and work together in a balanced way? For us, the most complex of organisms, when we are out of balance we become more vulnerable and susceptible to illness. Equally the way we connect with our communities and with Nature can lead to either harmony and health, or to disharmony and dis-ease.

Join the Harmony in Health workshop on Thursday the 5th of March at 7:30pm in Central London, to explore in a theoretical but also, more significantly, in a practical way.
Westminster Society of Friends, 8 Hop Gardens, London, WC2N 4EH, United Kingdom

Rooted: The webinar!

Tuesday, 10 March 2020, 6pm - 7.30pm
6.00 - 7.30PM (GMT)
With Chris Newbold

Is our approach to gut health wrong?

We are part of a complex, symbiotic biological ecosystem and have co-evolved to survive within it - 'rooted' into our biological environment.

Chris zooms in on our key mediating 'biological interface', the gut, particularly the microbiome. Are we in danger of being too specific about gut pathogens, and should we reframe our approach to a more ecological one, that takes account of co-evolution and co-metabolism?

Is SIBO a false diagnosis in search of a population?

Chris zooms in on our key mediating 'biological interface', the gut, particularly the microbiome. Are we in danger of being too specific about gut pathogens, and should we reframe our approach to a more ecological one, that takes account of co-evolution and co-metabolism?

Increasing Healthspan - Lifestyle Medicine for Longevity

Thursday, 19 March 2020, All day
Dr Marc Bubbs, Performance Nutritionist, Naturopath and author of the bestselling book Peak will share the latest research on longevity and human performance, and how it can help inform your practice to improve your patients’ health. The topics covered will include: sleep and its impact on mental and physical health; the contribution of microbiomes and healthy gut microbiota to longevity; nutrition, including sugar control and its importance at reducing all chronic diseases; the benefit of exercise and muscle mass for healthy ageing; cognitive decline and nutritional strategies to support healthy brain during ageing; and the importance of emotion and mindset in building and fostering health and longevity.

*McTimoney Connect members can receive a 10% discount to this event, please contact the Trust for further info
The Wesley Hotel, Euston House, 81-103 Euston Street, London, NW1 2EZ, United Kingdom


Saturday, 21 March 2020, All day
This seminar provides both an introduction to primitive reflexes and a refresher for those not testing them regularly. Darren will explain what they are, at what order and what age each should be present and absent, along with the developmental and clinical relevance of each reflex being retained. This is useful for many of the adult population in your practice; you may be surprised to find so many of your more complex patients have retained reflexes that can impact their recovery. There will be practical sessions in which you can learn how to test retained reflexes and various rehabilitation exercises to resolve or integrate them. Research concerning outcomes will be presented. Clinical gems will include complementing the rehabilitation session with manual therapy. There will also be a Q & A session. Red and yellow flags will be covered throughout the day along with an overview of how other professions manage these reflexes.
Holiday Inn, Chapel Lane, Great Barr, Birmingham, West Midlands, B43 7BG, United Kingdom

Head to Toe: An Orthopaedic Masterclass in a Day

Saturday, 21 March 2020, All day
7 brilliant consultants from North Downs Hospital will join us in Reigate for this all-day event, providing their expertise on a vast range of orthopaedic conditions that you are very likely to see in your patients. Topics will range from diagnosing and managing strokes to spinal conditions and will cover almost the whole body, from neurological diagnosis to bunions and everything in between. This will ensure that you get the best outlook into current, up to date medical topics.

*McTimoney Connect members can receive a 10% discount to this event, please contact the Trust for further info
Reigate Manor Hotel, Reigate Hill, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 9PF, United Kingdom


Saturday, 21 March 2020, All day
This seminar relates the action and control of the jaw joint to the structure and function of the whole neuro-musculoskeletal system. We will explore how habitual poor posture causes excessive proprioception in the jaw joint producing chronic pain patterns throughout the body. The mechanics of acceleration/deceleration injury will be discussed in relation to the facial, glossopharyngeal and vagus nerves, and the Dorsal Horns.
Copthorne Hotels Ltd, Copthorne Hotel, Armada Way, Plymouth, Devon, PL1 1AR, United Kingdom


Saturday, 21 March 2020, All day
This seminar relates the action and control of the jaw joint to the structure and function of the whole neuro-musculoskeletal system. We will explore how habitual poor posture causes excessive proprioception in the jaw joint producing chronic pain patterns throughout the body. The mechanics of acceleration/deceleration injury will be discussed in relation to the facial, glossopharyngeal and vagus nerves, and the Dorsal Horns.


An understanding of functional pain patterns and how to assess the underlying causes/sources
Ability to assess the jaw joint mechanism affirming the normal/abnormal movement with jaw deviation related to cranial sutures
Ability to evaluate hyoid function in relation to pectoral/pelvic girdle coupled with optimal vertebral performance
Ability to utilise the patient’s history related to the signs and symptoms of Costen’s syndrome
An understanding of how jaw movement is related to asymmetrical balance, use of dynamic evaluation tests and treatment of unwanted symptoms after acceleration/deceleration events


Bernard Masters FRCC (Ortho)
Bernard Masters initially trained in design engineering before graduating from AECC in 1979, when he and Itsuo Sugiyama were jointly awarded the ECU’s Thesis Prize. Bernard holds a PhD and degrees in Education (BEd Hons) and Publication (MA Pub) and a Diploma of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board (DACNB, USA). He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractors’ Orthopaedic, Rehabilitation and Exercise Faculty, a Specialist Fellow of the European Academy of Chiropractic (Neuro), a Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine and an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors.
Copthorne Hotels Ltd, Copthorne Hotel, Armada Way, Plymouth, Devon, PL1 1AR, United Kingdom

Invitation to an Orthopaedic study evening

Wednesday, 25 March 2020, 7pm - 9pm
The Midland Orthopaedic Practice invites you to a FREE orthopaedic study evening being delivered by three of our renowned Consultants on Wednesday 25th March 2020 as part of our highly regarded ongoing education programme.

The study evening will offer 2 hours of learning time (with confirmation issued on attendance), and is tailored for GPs, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, chiropractors and other healthcare professionals with an orthopaedic interest.

Barber Institute of Fine Arts, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, West Midlands, B15 2TS, United Kingdom


Saturday, 28 March 2020, All day
Components of intermittent living (which includes intermittent fasting, hypoxia, heat and cold) have been successfully implemented for weight loss, improved body composition, pain management, diabetes control, improved cognitive function and more.

The principles of intermittent living comprise solid, evidence-based solutions to modern life with 10 years of research and clinical evidence supporting every stage, backed further by 15 years of lifestyle research.
Holiday Inn, Merthyr Road, Tongwynlais, Cardiff, Caerdydd, CF15 7AD, United Kingdom

Nine-Week Mindful Self-Compassion Programme

Monday, 20 April 2020, All day
As part of our ongoing programme to explore prospects for improved health care, the College is pleased to announce this programme led by Dr Caroline Hoffman and Jonathan Ward from Breast Cancer Haven.

This nine-week Mindful Self Compassion programme is designed to cultivate the skill of self-compassion and will enable you to respond to difficult moments in your life with kindness, care and understanding.

Rapidly expanding research demonstrates that self-compassion is strongly associated with emotional wellbeing, less anxiety, depression and stress, maintenance of healthy habits such as diet and exercise, and satisfying personal relationships. And it’s easier than you think.
151 Talgarth Road, London, W14 9DA, United Kingdom


Friday, 24 April 2020, All day
This event offers a fantastic opportunity to explore the anatomy of various exotic and unusual species. The morning will be spent at Amazon World Zoo where, as well as a tour of the different environments, you will have an opportunity to palpate animals such as tapir, wallaby, sloth, birds, reptiles and lemurs. This will be followed by a presentation on the skeletal make-up and typical problems and treatment of each. In the afternoon you will travel to Wildheart Trust big cat sanctuary which will include a guided tour of the park with a discussion about their rehabilitation programme and various histories of the animals.

Pelvic Girdle Pain in Pregnancy, Interprofessional Management and Understanding

Wednesday, 29 April 2020, All day
A clinically applicable and relevant workshop with aims to deepen understanding, regarding functional anatomy and diagnosis of pelvic girdle pain as well as to review clinical presentation scenarios and management in a multi-disciplinary environment. The workshop provides a valuable opportunity to improve birth planning, management and communication between healthcare professionals in all pregnant patients.

Allan Langrick Financial Ltd, Heath House, Cheadle Road, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, ST14 7BY, United Kingdom


Saturday, 2 May 2020, All day
Imaging modalities for kids, what is appropriate? MRI, ultrasound, CT, fluoroscopy, x-ray.
Common congenital disorders such as developmental dysplasia of the hip, varus/valgus deformities, Down’s syndrome, spinal dysraphisms, scoliosis and more: Clinical presentation and associated musculoskeletal problems.
Common traumas in the paediatric population including acute spondylolysis, incomplete fractures and Salter Harris fractures: Mechanism, presentation and management.
Haematologic and arthritic disorders, including Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, Perth disease, osteochondritis dissecans and other osteochondrosis: Clinical presentation, associated MSK problems and management.
Spinal and extremity infection and malignant and benign bone tumours: Clinical presentation and management.
AFTERNOON PROGRAMME - Meriel Davis FRCC (Sport) and John Williamson FRCC (Sport)
Managing the Paediatric Athlete, parents and coaches: Common injuries, management and dealing with expectations.
Head injuries and concussion in the paediatric athlete.
Accessing the functional athlete: Common injuries and practical examination techniques.
Sandman Signature Hotels & Resorts, Tinsley Lane South, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 8XH, United Kingdom


Monday, 4 May 2020, All day

What is Equine Touch? Introduction to the modality, Babette’s own journey and case studies.
Reflections on fascia and what makes Equine Touch such a useful skill set for horse owners to learn themselves?
When are chiropractors used alongside Equine Touch? A reflection on a rescue horse called Mila.
Sphere of influence: Why this is so crucial for both chiropractors and Equine Touch professionals (interactive session)
Mindfulness: An added layer of awareness
Q & A

Awareness of Equine Touch and how it complements chiropractic work.
Understand how empowering horse owners can change their approach to bodywork, training and management = happier horses.
Understanding the ‘sphere of influence’ and how all equine therapists can help each other in promoting this.
Understanding the power of our own mental attitude and how to integrate mindfulness in our work.
Holiday Inn, Peartree Roundabout, Woodstock Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX2 8JD, United Kingdom


Wednesday, 20 May 2020, 6.30pm - 9pm
Evidence based practice is the prevailing paradigm for the provision of health care. All too frequently its application into practice is delayed, misunderstood or derailed by non-practice factors. This session will use examples of ‘best’ evidence and outline the process by which chiropractors can judge its appropriateness for use in their practice.
University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust, Derriford Hospital, Derriford Road, Derriford, Plymouth, Devon, PL6 8DH, United Kingdom


Saturday, 6 June 2020, All day

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Langley Drive, Crawley, West Sussex, RH11 7SX, United Kingdom

The Edinburgh Lectures - Holding the Vision

Friday, 12 June 2020, All day
This year marks the fifteenth edition of The Edinburgh Lectures, an annual seminar series designed to educate, empower and inspire Chiropractors and their teams to better serve their communities. This year’s event will take place on the weekend of 12-14 June 2020 at The Norton House Hotel, on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

What started out as a venture to bring people together to celebrate chiropractic, has grown over the past 15 years to be a community of inspirational chiropractors, CAs and students who are the change we wish to see in the world. Through your desire to continually reignite your passion and refocus your purpose to serve in your communities, our seminar series has grown and is now inspiring the development of the Scotland College of Chiropractic which we hope will open in 2021. We thank-you for your trust in us to deliver a world-class event for you and your teams!

This year's seminar is titled Holding The Vision and as always we welcome many superstars to our stage. The weekend kicks off with our stand alone, one-day Friday intensive seminar with Dr James Chestnut.

Together with the CA training programme on the Saturday afternoon, the Friday seminar and weekend conference offer up to 17.5 hours of world-class CPD credits.

Our Saturday night Ceilidh, or Scottish Dinner/Dance (ticket included with registration), is a time to connect with friends and enjoy an evening celebrating all that is good about our profession. To celebrate the developing Scotland College of Chiropractic, there will be a themed party on the Friday night… More details to follow!
Discover Chiropractic, 240 Queensferry Road, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH4 2BP, United Kingdom

The 13th European Congress for Integrative Medicine - London, September 2020

Friday, 11 September 2020, All day
The European Congress for Integrative Medicine is organised on behalf of The European Society for Integrative Medicine (ESIM), an international association with the aim to facilitate the advancement of science, research, education and further training, to support best and evidence based medical care and to provide advice on policy in the realm of Integrated Medicine.

The congress, supported by the College of Medicine, aims to bring together medical practitioners, healthcare professionals, therapists, researchers and health politicians to facilitate the advancement of healthcare systems that combine conventional medicine with evidence informed lifestyle, complementary and traditional approaches to achieving optimal health and healing.

The mission is to bring people together to create a more compassionate, progressive, value-based, sustainable healthcare system and ECIM 2020 will provide the ideal opportunity to share our experiences with integrative medicine professionals who share our passion for person-centred medicine.

2020 Rhythm and Resonance Symposium event

Saturday, 26 September 2020, All day
With all that's going on in the world these days who knows where we will be, metaphorically speaking, a year from today....?

But physically where will YOU be? Well, hopefully, in a sunny Brighton, just over the road from the sea, in Jury's Inn, hanging out with loads of lovely CST friends and colleagues and listening to some inspiring speakers at our 2020 Rhythm and Resonance Symposium event!

Saturday and Sunday September 26 - 27 2020. Please SAVE THE DATE in your diary, digital calendar, on the wall family planner.... whatever you have.

Want to know who will be there to?

So far our speakers include:

Dr Jean-Claude Guimberteau - producer of Strolling Under the Skin and other videos / author of Architecture of Human Fascia / surgeon / explorer of fascia and observer of some of its extraordinary properties... although I had seen the video and read (most of!) the book, hearing him speak at Beyond the Dura in Florida was mind-blowing. So I asked him to come and present to us, and he agreed!

Prof. Roxana Carare - one of the UK's leading researchers in cerebrospinal fluid and lymph flow in the brain.... Some of you have heard me mention the stroke of luck through which I have come to know her, and how excited I am to hear her take on the overall current scientific understanding of fluid flow in the space we think of as our cranio sacral system...

Avadhan Larson - one of our senior Upledger Institute International teachers will speak some more about different ways trauma can show up on the table and how we can work with it with the amazing set of tools CST offers us...

Thomas Rasmussen - will bring a follow up to last times presentation as to where the research on demonstrating the existance of the rhythm itself has got to....


So SAVE THE DATE - go on, DO IT NOW....

And keep an eye out for more emails about the speakers, their topics and all sorts of other irresistible reasons why you will want to join us.... we really look forward to seeing you there!

Jury's Inn, Brighton, United Kingdom

SIRPA Conference - Unravelling the Mystery of Medically Unexplained Symptoms – Diagnosis and Treatme

Sunday, 4 October 2020, All day
We're very excited to be able to announce that we are now planning the next SIRPA conference which will be taking place on the 4th October2020, again at the Royal Society of Medicine in London.
This will be our third UK conference and once again we will presenting some of the brightest minds in the field of mindbody medicine.
If you have an interest in chronic pain and the mysteries of medically unexplained symptoms, you don’t want to miss this exciting opportunity to learn to identify and treat their psychosocial causes.
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