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A typical session with your Chiropractor

During the consultation

McTimoney Chiropractors are trained to check for signs of any serious conditions that need specialist medical advice and will evaluate your condition for the suitability of McTimoney treatment on an individual basis at your first session.

Your McTimoney Chiropractor will begin by taking a medical history covering your general health, present and previous conditions that you wish to improve.

They will then check your musculo-skeletal alignment physically to identify particular problem areas. Using gentle McTimoney adjustments will start to bring the body into greater alignment.

Your Chiropractor will conclude the session by explaining what they have found and giving you advice on how best to maintain the changes that have occurred in the consultation.

After the consultation

You may experience physical changes as your body realigns. Some people find they are stiff or tired after a treatment, particularly after the initial session.

How many treatments will I need?

Your Chiropractor will discuss onward care with you after your session. They may recommend a course of treatments, varying on how long you have had the symptom, your lifestyle and the severity of the problem. Many people use McTimoney Chiropractic preventatively to ensure their body maintains optimum alignment. Clients usually choose the frequency of sessions according to their individual needs and in discussion with their Chiropractor.

Would you like to find out more about booking a session with the Chiropractor?

Visit the McTimoney Chiropractic Association website for more details.