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Student Awards

Providing financial support

The McTimoney College of Chiropractic’s own research [1] has found that finance is a major source of stress for students. The research cites a study [2] which concludes that changes in higher education funding mean that students are facing increasing financial pressures.

In the College’s own survey of students on the five year MChiro course, just over half of all respondents reported that their current financial situation significantly affected their ability to study. This was particularly true of Year 4 students, who were almost three times more likely to experience stress related to financial issues as compared with other year groups.

McTimoney Trust Awards Scheme

To date, approximately 50% of students that graduated between 2016-2022 received financial support from the Trust.

Our Student Awards Scheme goes from strength to strength. Over the past ten years we have given over £400,000 to students, which has been the difference to many of them between having to give up their studies or continuing with their ambition to be McTimoney Chiropractors. The Awards are available to students who find themselves in acute financial need. In the first instance, the Awards are used to pay off any outstanding College fees or help to pay for future fees. 

The Student Awards programme is currently under review

Quotes from successful recipients of the McTimoney Trust Student Awards

“Sometimes it gets really hard not to get stressed about balancing money and time to study. Receiving this bursary makes me feel supported and part of the McTimoney Community.”

“I would not be still on the course if not for the Trust. The Trust is making this possible. Thank You, the McTimoney Trust is giving me the opportunity to live my dream as a McTimoney Chiropractor!”

“The difference the McTimoney Trust bursaries can make is amazing. It not only gives financial security but an emotional lift as well because you feel like you have someone else supporting you. It is like a pat on the back and a ‘well done’ for all your hard work.”

“The award came at a time when I needed it most. Training to be a Chiropractor has been a life changing experience and I am truly grateful to be able to continue on this path with help from the McTimoney Trust.”

“The bursary was very valuable as otherwise I wouldn’t have managed the year without serious stress. At the beginning of the year I really didn’t know how I was going to get through the year financially. The award was a huge relief! Thank you McTimoney Trust!”

“I can breathe. It buys me time to plan future finances. I am feeling more secure and can therefore concentrate better. Now that this worry has been lifted I feel lighter. I know I’m on the right course but feared losing my sense of purpose. Words cannot express my gratitude. The Trust are lifesavers, keeping me on track and I am indebted to the Trust and the College for supporting me. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.”

“I would like to thank the McTimoney Trust for giving me a Bursary. The additional funds towards the fees means that I can breathe a little and purchase my McTimoney Bench so that I can practise. It means a great deal as a single parent working two jobs to stay afloat and in college.”

“Over the moon, pleased as punch, happy, grateful, ecstatic.”

“Receiving a Bursary has meant that I can enter next year with greater peace of mind, in the knowledge that I do not have to find as many funds to complete my course and pay fees. The bursary means I can focus on my studies and more of the good times of being at the McTimoney College rather than blocking myself due to unmanageable financial concerns.”

“The Bursary has made a huge difference to me. It gives me peace of mind and I can now get on with thinking about my studies rather than worrying about the fees. Receiving the award has made my year!”

“A bursary has helped at a time when I had unexpected and extra costs which added stress to keeping up to date with fees. This has given me some breathing space to getting things back on track and allowed me to have more study time rather than seeking additional employment to make up the short fall.”

“Thank you. Absolute lifesaver.”

“Thank you so much for my bursary. It has made such a huge difference. I was really worried about not being able to cover my fees as I have recently lost my job. This bursary means that I don’t have to take out such a big career development loan to see me through and I will not be struggling with repayments when I graduate. Thank you.”

“I am extremely grateful for this bursary as it means I can work less and concentrate my time on studies and make the most of my clinic year. I no longer have a grey cloud following me around.”


Further information

[1] Stress in chiropractic education: a student survey of a five-year course. Hilary Hester, BSc(Chiro), Christina Cunliffe, DC, PhD, and Adrian Hunnisett, PhD,MPhil. Published J Chiropr Educ 2013 Vol. 27 No. 2 DOI 10.7899/ JCE-13-4.

[2] Stress, debt and undergraduate medical student performance. S.Ross PublishedMed Educ. 2006; 40(6):584–589