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Supporting the Trust

The McTimoney Trust is dedicated to making a difference to keep the McTimoney Method of Chiropractic alive and well.

The Trust can help a variety of people through the provision of funding and information, so it welcomes as much help as possible from anyone who feels a similar commitment.

Donating to the Trust

Much of the Trust’s work involves providing funds. Visit our donations page for further information.

Fundraising for events

Some people enjoy putting together a fund-raising event. Contact us to discuss your ideas.

Sponsored events

Organising, participating in or sharing ideas for sponsored events.

Providing information to the Trust

The information that the Trust can give to practitioners, patients, would-be patients, would-be students, healthcare professionals, the general public and others is defined by what we know. If you have any information you could ‘donate’ that might help the Trust achieve its aims, please get in touch.


If you have any historical documents about John McTimoney, his early work in developing the Method, his early students – or even patients – these would be gratefully accepted into the Trust’s archive for safekeeping and for study.


If you have, or are aware of any research that assists the advancement of the McTimoney Chiropractic Method, please contact us to discuss how it could help – or even how we could help it.

Becoming a trustee

Find out how your unique skills and experience could help the Trust and the benefits of becoming a trustee.