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Explore a New Career in Chiropractic

Explore a new career opportunity with a degree qualification

How would you like to go to work each day and make a positive difference to people’s lives? Training to become a McTimoney Chiropractor offers you just that opportunity.

Are you looking for a career that combines a degree qualification and supporting the wellbeing of others through hands on techniques? Would you like to experience the fulfilment and meaning that comes from helping others whilst offering unlimited opportunities to shape your professional life as you want? If you have a connection with animals you can extend your skills into this area.

Amazingly, training in the McTimoney Method can offer all of this. Whether you wish to work with humans or with animals or both, there is a choice of course to suit you. Whether you enter at foundation, undergraduate or postgraduate level, experienced and motivating tutors are there to help you discover your unique skills, to encourage and mentor you in your new path.

State of the art training facilities

The McTimoney College of Chiropratic in Abingdon and a new campus at Manchester, offer state of the art training facilities. Over many years, the College has been building expertise, developing innovative training methods and guiding students through an intensive and supportive training to become McTimoney Chiropractors and practitioners for animals.

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